About Vendalism.com

Vendalism.com is a free classifieds, auction, and trading site launched in 2011. Vendalism.com allows you to post listings for anything you'd like to sell or advertise, in various formats.

Vendalism.com also has a built-in feedback system, allowing you to build up your reputation as a buyer, seller, or trader, making parties who are interested in your listings feel more comfortable about who they're doing business with.


Vendalism.com allows you to post up auctions to have bidders bid against each other so that you get the best sale price.


Looking to trade your items for something else? Vendalism.com's trade option allows you to easily post up which items you're willing to accept in a trade.

Fixed price

If you know how much the product you're trying to list is worth, list it at a fixed price - buyers can buy your item and checkout with PayPal or Google Checkout if you've chosen the option.

Best Offer

Not sure if your product will sell for the price you're asking? Enable best offers on your listing, and let interested buyers tell you what they're willing to pay.

Feedback System

Vendalism.com's feedback system makes it simple to build a reputation for yourself, making it easier to sell your items. It also makes it easy for both parties in a transaction to make sure the other party is keeping their end of the bargain, with built-in auto extension of feedback when either feedback is changed.